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Cancer Car Donation

With the many cancer car donation programs available, you may be asking yourself just how donating a car helps kids with cancer. We help kids with cancer by recycling auto donations in many ways.

When you donate a car to our Donate My Car Program, you are donating to the actual charity, not a middleman. We will pick it up free of charge, provide you with a donation receipt and tax deduction forms on the spot. It’s what happens next that helps children with cancer.

Cancer is a devastating illness, doubly devastating when it happens to a child. The emotional and financial stresses that each family endures is unimaginable. According to the Center for Disease Control, cancer is the second most common cause of death in children ages 1-14.

Over 14,500 children ages 0-19 will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

With your help, there is hope for the children affected by this disease!

Our Cancer Car Donation Process:

• Call 1-800-785-6544 to schedule an appointment or use our online donation form to the right.

• Your cancer car donation is picked up free of charge. We can pickup car donations the same day or at any time that is convenient for you.

• We pickup your auto donation, give you a receipt and tax deduction form.

• The vehicle is brought into our auto donation center.
Once there, our volunteers check the vehicle for mechanical problems. After the check, the vehicle is placed into one of 6 categories:

Use for parts, recycle, sell, repair, low cost transportation program, or charity use.

No matter which category your vehicle falls under, the American Children’s Society is able to help children and their families. Your auto donation will be sold at the highest price and the proceeds will be used to help cancer patients.

Why choose us for your auto donation?

There are many wonderful charities that benefit many causes in positive ways. Unfortunately, most of them use a paid fundraiser or other for profit business to take care of their auto donation program needs. This means that your auto donation may be going to a company that can take up to 90% of the proceeds before the actual charity even sees a dime.
We use our own tow trucks and volunteers to pickup vehicle donations. No middleman to take any portion of the proceeds. You can feel confident that your donation is going to help those that need it most!

We were formed for the purpose of improving the quality of life for children suffering from cancer. We collaborate with hospitals, medical centers and other children’s organizations to identify those families most distressed financially as a result of the child’s malignancy. We help to relieve some of the financial stress by assisting with medical bills, treatments, equipment, transportation needs and other overwhelming household expenses.

By helping to relieve some of the financial stress, the family has more energy to devote to their ill child.

Read what recipients of cancer car donations say:

Thank you so much for the assistance. We were in the hospital for 4 days…when we came home, the electricity was turned off. Many thanks to the American Children’s Society for helping us when we needed it most.

– Jessica

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my 4 year old son get his new eye! I hope I am able to pass on the kindness that you have showed us.

– Shawna

This is to acknowledge our heart felt appreciation and gratitude for the assistance you provided and for the generous donation of a car to our patient Samantha and her mom. Without this gift, Samantha’s chemotherapy and radiation treatment may have been interrupted, and this would have had devastating effects on her health.

- Saint Peter’s University Hospital

Our days and nights are filled to capacity with the ups and downs of Tyler’s illness. Your gift eases our burden and allows us to focus our energy on helping him get better.

– Debbie


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