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HIGHEST Tax Deduction Allowed! Ask About Receiving a FREE Vacation Voucher when You Donate a Car In NJ!
We are YOUR Local NJ Car Charity!

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The Donate Car Online form will help us determine:

* Who to make out the tax deduction forms to

* Where to pick up your car donation

* The vehicle information will help our tow truck driver to be prepared for picking up your vehicle, and to help determine your tax deduction (Kelly Blue Book Value)

Or Call Toll Free

Donate a Car Online or call 800-785-6544

We use our OWN Tow Trucks, with our OWN Drivers.  When you Donate Car Online with the American Children's Society you can have peace of mind that there is no middle man to take away from your NJ Car Donation.  The HIGHEST Value, and TAX FORMS given to you at pick up!

Reasons to choose Donate Car In NJ when you Donate Car Online:

* Receive the Highest Tax Deduction

* Receipt and Tax Forms Given AT time of pickup

* Free Vacation Voucher with your NJ car donation

* Help Children With Cancer

* All Vehicles Accepted Regardless of Age or Condition

* All we need from you is the title and the keys

* No title, no problem, a registration or insurance card will work

NJ donate a car online form click here


Donate car online New Jersey! Local NJ based charity that has our own tow trucks, and evaluates each donated vehicle for our programs.  Our programs include re-purposing these automobiles for families in need of transportation.  That means YOU are able to receive the absolute highest tax write off when you donate a car in NJ! NO auctions, No Middleman...You are donating directly to charity!

Founded in New Jersey, our headquarters is in Marlboro, NJ.  We help children with cancer and other diseases by providing temporary, timely assistance to the family.  When cancer strikes a family, sometimes one or both parents need to take time off from their job, and the day to day bills pile up, along with new bills for treatment.  We step in and help out with utility bills, medical co-payments, and other bills that the family may be behind on.

Choose the American Children's Society for your highest tax write off, and fast, convenient pick up. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Just give us a call.

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