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Free Gas Terms and Conditions

Free gas voucher terms and conditions.

1. This offer is good for up to $200.00 in gas rebates

2. Gas registration is only redeemable when all requirements have been met.

3. Only the original registration form will be accepted (no photocopies allowed). Registration must be mailed in by the original certificate holder. Registration Form must be mailed via certified mail, along with a self addressed, stamped envelope. Please allow International Rebates LLC a minimum of 30 days to process your Registration Form.

4. Once International Rebates, LLC has received your Registration Form, we will send you a Gas Station Selection Form for you to choose your gas station, along with complete details of participation. Your Gas Station Selection Form must be completed and returned to International Rebates, LLC within 30 days of the date posted on your Selection Form. Once International Rebates, LLC has processed your gas station selection form your first voucher will be mailed to you.

5. Only original machine printed gas (leaded, unleaded or diesel) sales receipts with a legible machine printed date from a fuel retailer will be accepted. All gasoline purchased must be made using a major credit card.

6. To redeem your vouchers, you must make a minimum monthly purchase of $100.00 in gasoline (at the gas station you have preselected) and send in receipts with voucher. The maximum rebate voucher value per month is $25.00 (U.S.). No future credit will be issued or accrued. Each time you mail in a Voucher and receipts it is required that you include a self addressed stamped envelope.

7. Only one (1) Rebate Voucher mailed in per month will be honored. If additional Vouchers and receipts are sent in within the same one month period, they will not be acknowledged or returned and will be declared null and void.

8. Submissions of receipts and Rebate Vouchers must be postmarked within 21 (twenty-one) days of your gasoline purchase.

9. Rebate Vouchers have no retail value and will not be accepted by fuel retailers as payment. International Rebates, LLC is not affiliated with any oil or petroleum retailers.

10. This offer is void where prohibited by law.

11. Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of your rebate check.

12. This Registration Form & Rebate Vouchers will not be replaced if stolen or misplaced.

13. This offer is not valid for the employees (or their families) of the sponsor of this promotion.

14. Incomplete, illegible, or non-compliant submissions will not be acknowledged, processed or returned and will void the remainder of the offer. No replacements will be issued. International Rebates, LLC. will not be liable for lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, illegible, incomplete, stolen or destroyed registration forms. Subject to U.S.P.S. mail fraud title 18 U.S.C. Section 1341.

15. Offer valid only in the United States & Canada. No rebates will be mailed to addresses outside the United States or Canada.

16. All fulfillment of this offer is the responsibility of the merchant.

17. This program is for promotional use only and is non-transferable. It cannot be sold to the end-user. Do not rely on any representations other than those stated within this offer. PLEASE FILL OUT REGISTRATION FORM COMPLETELY AND SEND BY CERTIFIED MAIL TO: International Rebates, LLC. * Att: Gas Rebate Dept. * P.O. Box 120 * Tallevest, FL 34270


Select correspondence will be e-mailed to you by International Rebates when possible. All other correspondence will be sent via regular mail.


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