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Help Kids With Cancer
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Each and every day there are children struggling to fight their own battle with cancer. Families that are in search of courage, hope and strength to get thru each minute...each hour, of each and every day.

Cancer is a disease that gives virtually no warning. There is no time for the family to "prepare" for the changes that will impact them emotionally, and financially. Testing their strength.

Since 2000, the American Children's Society, Inc has dedicated their services to improving the lives of children and families that are faced with a life threatening illness.

Most times, one or both of the parents leave their job to help care for their child. Foregoing everything but the basic necessities to concentrate on helping their child fight cancer.

8 out of 10 children are successfully treated. That means that 2 out of every 10 children diagnosed with cancer will lose their fight and succumb to their disease.

We help kids with cancer by offering assistance and financial support to those families so that they can concentrate on whats most important, their ill child.

Part of our mission is to help ease the family's financial burden during cancer treatments. The last thing they need to think about is if they have the financial means to help save their child.

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Help Kids With Cancer

You can help kids with cancer by helping us to continue to provide grants to underprivileged families, and families with a child that has a life threatening disease.

Our Grants

We have awarded grants to families in their time of need in the following areas:

Housing: Paid directly to the landlord or mortgage company, designed to give peace of mind to the family so that they will not lose their homes.

Transportation: Getting to and from doctors appointments and treatments is a key to winning the battle against cancer. Some of the cars that are donated to the American Children's Society, that are in good mechanical condition are given to a needy family for this purpose. Car payment grants have also been awarded, again, paid directly to the lending bank.

Childcare: Often times there are other children in the family that are not sick, they need attention too. Supervised programs that enable the parents some time to tend to their sick sibling, or to just have a minute to themselves. Grants are paid directly to approved, licensed facilities.

Counseling: Psychological support is an important part of fighting cancer. Not only the child and their siblings, but parents and sometimes grand parents too. This disease takes an emotional toll on a family, counseling can help. Grants are paid directly to licensed psychologists and therapists.

Medical: To help provide families with support for costs associated with hospital, hospice, and medical facility care. Grants are paid directly to facilities.

Funeral: An area that very few other organizations offer assistance with. Preparing for the death of a child is not something many of us do. Even when the child is fighting a life threatening disease, we hold on to hope. But 2 out of 10 children with cancer will die. The American Children's Society has worked with many respected, and very sympathetic, mortuaries to help the families lower the costs of their funeral arrangements. Grants are paid directly to the funeral home or mortuary.

Special Needs: To help kids with cancer and their family maintain some dignity is an important step. Grants are paid directly to a third party provider in these types of situations.


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