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How to Donate Car

Let's get right to the how to donate car answer!

My name is Jackie, if you're looking for more information on how to donate car, let me explain each step of the process in detail. But, first, here's a recap:

What we need from you:

The Title

The Keys

A little bit of time (1-2 hour window)

What you'll get from us:

A donation receipt

A form to file with your tax return

Free, fast, friendly service (and a gas card!)

How to donate car details:

1. You’ll need the title and the keys to the vehicle. The title is proof of ownership, and is needed to transfer that ownership to the charity…..Can’t find the title?….We can take a registration card or an insurance card as proof of ownership instead. We'll get a duplicate title for you...saving you time at the MV office and money.

2. You’ll need to know the year, make and model of the vehicle that you are donating. This info can be found on the title, the registration and/or the insurance card. This will help in valuing the vehicle for tax deduction purposes.

3. Once you have that information, choose a charity to donate a car to. There's lots of charities that accept donated vehicles, but if you want the charity to get the most out of your contribution, pick one that does NOT use a middleman to pick up auto donations. A middle man or outside tow service takes anywhere from 50-90% of the proceeds, then gives what little is left to the charity.

We use our own trucks and volunteer drivers to pickup vehicle donations...no middleman

Once you have the above information:

Now that you have proof of ownership, with the vehicle information, and have chosen a charity to donate a car to, you can either call or give a car with an online auto donation form shown on the right.

Donate My Car Online

Please enter the word that you see below.


How to donate car : What happens next

When you call, they should ask you just a few questions like:

1. Your Name and address (this is used to fill in the donation receipt)

2. A contact phone number (so they can call when the tow truck in on its way to you)

3. Where the vehicle is located (if it’s not at your home…it can be picked up just abut anywhere…a repair shop, car dealer, at work, etc.)

4. The year make and model of the car (this helps in getting a tax deduction value as well as helps the driver recognize which car he/she is picking up)

5. You set an appointment time that is convenient for you (most places ask for a 1-2 hour window in-case there’s traffic or unforeseen problems arise)

Appointments usually can be made for the same day or even the next day, what ever is convenient for you.

On the day of your appointment:

You will receive a phone call when the driver is on his way to pickup your vehicle.

Once the tow truck is there, the driver will fill out all of the paperwork first.

The receipt for your donation and

The tax forms will be given to you before the driver hooks up your car.

The driver will remove your license plates and give them back to you.

That’s it….you’ve donated a car.

If you have more how to donate car questions, please call us!


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