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Here are just some of the families that we have been able to help thanks to generous donors like you.

I am writing you on behalf of a family that is struggling. The mom is a domestic violence survivor and estranged from her husband. There are 21 month old twins that were born prematurely. Both of the twins are often sick and more susceptible to infection because of the pre-mature birth, one of the twins has a seizure disorder. The father pays sporadic support, and the courts are unable to help. The mom has returned to work part time at night, while a family member watches the children. The mom is behind on all of her bills (rent, electric, and gas). Any assistance that you could give this family would be greatly appreciated.

Linda ~ New Jersey

Earlier this year, my husband left. The children and I were left behind with nothing, no car, no money, nothing. I am in need of a vehicle to do the simple chores like going to the doctors, food shopping and maybe even a school play. I am working full time (car pooling with my neighbor), and could afford insurance, but it’s the car that I just don’t have enough money for. Any help in this aspect would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks, Carrol ~ New Jersey

My granddaughter was born in August of this year, she had water on the brain, and surgery the very next day. When we thought all was going well, at 3 months of age, the Doctors discovered she was blind. Another operation at the Children’s Hospital in Detroit. When we were allowed to bring her home, my daughter’s electricity was turned off for lack of payment. Some things, like a child’s health take priority over everyday bills. They are staying with me in my 1 bedroom apartment until we can have her electric turned back on. The electric company needs $400 to turn the service back on. Between that and the medical bills that are starting to come in, we could use a little help.

Thank you for all that you do, Grace ~ Michigan

Hi, I was just wondering if we would be eligible for any type of assistance for our family. We have a 4 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Stage 4 (high risk) Neuroblastoma in February 2010. Neuroblastoma is a rare and life threatening form of cancer. We sought treatment at a hospital near our home for a year and a half. Then we transferred to Sloan Kettering in NYC in June 2011 for further treatment. She just started a new 2 year 3F8 antibody trial this week, which means that we will be traveling to NYC frequently for these treatments. Since the transfer to Sloan Kettering (which is about 3 hours from our home), it has been rough financially for our family due to the extra traveling, parking and food expenses. I quit my job when she was diagnosed in 2010 so that I could be there to comfort her and take care of her. My husband is still working, but one income and all of the extra expenses are taking a real toll on our family. If there is any possibility that you can help our family, even just a little bit, we would sincerely appreciate it.

Emalee ~ PA

I am a single mom, 6 months ago, my 3 year old son was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Leukemia (at Nationwide Children’s Hospital). Before his diagnosis I was working full time, now, since he is not permitted to be in public places, around potential germs and bacteria, I stay at home with him. He has chemo treatments 1-2 times each week, they totally wipe him out, but the doctors are very hopeful. With the holidays fast approaching, I was wondering if you could assist us with some nice, warm clothes in a size 3T.

Thank you, Maria & Joshua ~ Ohio

Thank you for taking our call yesterday to discuss potential financial assistance for burial service for one of our patients. Although we offer many services to the patients we serve, we are unable to provide financial assistance for burial, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to support this family as they deal with this difficult situation.

The family has been involved in an ongoing battle with leukemia that has exhausted all possibilities of a positive treatment outcome for their daughter. She is expected to pass away in the next couple of weeks from Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia. She is only 5 years old.

Due to the terminal nature of her disease, funeral arrangements have been made. The estimated cost of the burial is $8,000. They family has been successful in securing some of the costs, but is still in need of $6,000 to fulfill the remaining obligation. Any financial support that your organization can provide would lift a huge burden to this family at a very difficult time.

Thank you, M. Hollis, Social Worker ~ Michigan

My son lost a vigorous 4 year battle with Rhabdomyosarcoma. His first round successfully put the disease into remission. 14 months later, he relapsed and underwent treatment again. Remission again. But, when he started to feel pain in his arm and shoulder, he didn’t tell me right away. By the time we got to the doctor, the Rhabdomyosarcoma was in his neck, metastizing to his chest, spine and legs. It was too late. I quit my job so that I could be by his side to comfort him (the way that only a mom can) during his last months here with us. My son lost this last battle. Perhaps the decision to leave my job wasn’t financially prudent, but there was no way that I was going to let him face this alone. It’s going to cost $8,500 for a proper burial; any help that your organization can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Ginny ~ Florida

My name is Kim. I’m writing on behalf of my daughter. She passed away from Adrenal Cancer, she was only 17. She was fighting this disease for the last two and a half years. Her passing was very unexpected. They told us that the cancer had taken over her whole body. We are now dealing with a very large bill from the funeral home ($9,200). The day my baby girl was diagnosed, I quit my job to take care of her. My husband’s employer shut its doors, and he is working part time.

I was wondering if there is any way you could help us out with this bill. Any amount would be appreciated.

Kim ~ PA

Angel is a 6 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome and Aplastic Anemia. The time has come for a life saving bone marrow transplant. Mom can not work due to Angel’s immuno-suppression. Mom needs to stay home and care for Angel in her time of need. All mom needs right now is $385 to make a car payment…so that she can continue to take Angel to the doctor and treatments. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Cynthia ~ Ohio